General SQS Information

SQS (Status Quo Sucks®) was created by the BCI Lean Team in late November of 2007.

BCI’s team needed to distinguish themselves from all others.  The lean team has pushed this title of the group on down to let everyone know that status quo does suck!  BCI now uses this term daily in our work lives. Within time this title soon turned in to a full fledge company…


About SQS as a company

We invite you to join us

It all began back in the day when two old friends reconnected and started trading stories about their life experiences and the lessons they learned along the way.

Everyone has a story, and this is our story, the story of 2 guys that hate living life by the status quo:

Many things happened in our lives that could have (and should have) put us in our place and forced us to ascribe to society’s playbook. Yet we have been persistent in their quest for uniqueness. We have gone up when others went down, we went right when all went left, we have ran when others have walked, we have swam when others sunk. We know that living inside a box and following a set life plan is boring and predictable, and the last thing we want is to be predictable!

Of course, it is easy to be satisfied with the current state of affairs, otherwise known as the status quo. Routines can be comfortable and easy, and that’s why they can be so hard to break out of. Yet you have to challenge the status quo if you want to live a life of imagination, creativity, and authenticity. That is why we are here to pass on this important message: StatusQuoSucks!®

 the ride of feeling the power of the Q!