Since 1939, Bremen Castings has been producing gray iron castings made from recycled material. In 1996, ductile iron was added to BCI’s operation meeting a variety of customer needs. All this complemented by the ability to deliver steel and aluminum castings through one of our partner foundries.

  • Ductile – (2) Four Ton Ajax Coreless Melting Furnaces
  • Gray – 66” Cupola Melt at 13 Ton/Hour
  • 40 Ton Vertical Channel Induction Holding Furnace

Green Sand Molding Equipment

  • (1) 20X26 Sinto Matchplate
  • (2) 20×24 Hunter Matchplate
  • (2) 14×19 Hunter Matchplate
  • (3) Redford CB-22 Isocure Core Machines
  • (4) Redford 43 Shell Core Machines
  • (1) Dependable 200 Shell Core Machine
  • (2) Shalco U-180 Shell Core Machines
Metals Poured

Gray Iron Class

  • 20 – 40

Ductile Iron Grades:

  • 60-40-18
  • 65-45-12
  • 80-55-06
  • 100-70-03
  • ASTM Standard ADI Grades
  • ASTM & ASE Silicon Moly Ductile


Bremen Castings Inc. offers full Engineering and Tooling support for your initial product design, steel weldment conversion, and existing product. With tooling and fixtures being produced in-house, communication is not an issue.

BCI uses checks and balances to get it done right the first time. By using the latest technology version of MAGMASOFT®, it provides us intricate simulated capabilities for a better understanding of filling, solidification, mechanical properties, thermal stresses and more.  BCI also uses SolidsWorks, Visi, Cad, Cam, Auto Cad and more on a daily basis to enhance our end result to you.