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Certain phrases used by some employees can really irritate true leaders.  The most popular phrase, “it is not fair”.  A fair is a carnival with rides, not a term that belongs in the business world.  How about, “it is not my job”.  A job is whatever it takes; there is no black and white definition of your job.  Lastly, “I have not been given the authority”.  The greatest leaders in history were never given the authority; they actually used their influence to impact change.

These phrases are really whiney excuses for not getting it done.   In organizations that do not want to suck, you really got to get it done and there is always more than one way to skin a cat.  Exercise your influence, rise to the occasion and impact real change in your organization.  If what you try at first does not work, try another approach.  You will find it much easier to get it done, than to whine about all the reasons you cannot get it done.

– Carol Senour

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