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About BCI

Founded in 1939 as a family owned and operated foundry, Bremen Castings is now in its 5th generation. With over 80 years of experience, BCI is known worldwide for its quality gray and ductile iron machined castings. As a leader in the machining & foundry industry, Bremen houses its own machine shop & foundry. Keeping up with technology is high on the priority list with the Brown family as the company continually reinvests in new equipment for production, environmental, and automation improvements. This, along with BCI’s past and present leadership and the commitment from their employees, is why they have grown and surpassed all expectations of the original founding fathers.

Jim Brown, JB Brown and Ted Nugent share a passion for hunting, firearms and the preservation of the 2nd amendment.  The Browns hunt, shoot and share campfires with Ted regularly in Texas and Michigan. Jim & Maryln Brown also shoot photography for Ted to record the spiritual campfires that Ted hosts throughout the year around the world.